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Published: 02nd June 2011
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Are you considering adding a pool to your backyard? Do you already have a backyard pool?

There are many things to remember when choosing a backyard Pool London Ontario.

Backyard space, family lifestyle and what investment you are willing to make in both the cost and the upkeep of your Pool London Ontario.

Any reputable backyard pool installer should happily provide you with a free quote for the purchase and installation of your Pool London Ontario.

There are also many pool maintenance companies that can provide custom maintenance packages for your Pool London Ontario. Some people want regular weekly maintenance, while others simply want the professionals to open and close their pools.

Having a Pool London Ontario enables you to fully enjoy your backyard and lets you enjoy the hot summer days lounging in the sun in the comfort of your own backyard.

Choosing between an above ground backyard pool, or inground pool takes careful consideration. The top consideration of course is cost, inground pools cost more because of the excavation. However the inground pool has many more options. With an inground Pool London Ontario you have many more shapes and designs to choose from, much more landscaping choices as you can use lights in the pool and waterfalls to add to the beauty of your landscaping.

Of course an above ground pool can be removed and that may be a consideration when a potential buyer views your home. Some people do not swim, and would prefer to maximize their backyard space for other uses.

Pool maintenance is important, after all, no one wants to swim in a dirty pool! When you have a pool installed make it easier on yourself and consider the location of trees and bushes, even have some removed or moved to another part of your backyard. This will cut down drastically on the amount of cleaning your pool will require.

A pool vacuum is an essential tool in the cleaning of your Pool London Ontario; it is attached to the filter of the pool and merrily makes its way along the bottom and the walls, sucking up dirt. Surface debris can be cleaned with a pool skimmer.

The best time to clean the Pool London Ontario is when the pool is not in use. That way the sediment sits undisturbed on the bottom and the vacuum can pick more up.

Hot sunlight and heavy rainfall affect the PH balance of the pool water, so be sure to check the PH and algae levels with a test kit before adding chlorine and algaecide.

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